7 Ways to Unwittingly Break Your Shih Tzus’s Spirit

4.     Punishing Your Dog by Locking Them in a Kennel/Crate

Your dog has to have their own resting place in which they should feel comfortable and safe. A crate is a good training method to get your dog to relax. However, most owners insist on using them as time-out zones. They are not humans and they are not programmed the way we are. They do not understand time-out as a way or correcting them. You will have a hard time and may force you to use other crude means to maintain your dog in the crate during this time-out period. Since the dog does not speak our language it will translate your actions as hostile. You cannot befriend someone whom you consider hostile. That is the same way to your dog you will be the ‘master’ and them the ‘servant’.

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Source: Winne The Tzu

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