7 Ways to Unwittingly Break Your Shih Tzus’s Spirit

Your Dog can be a source of joy in your home and make all the family members all happy and excited. But do you consider your pet’s happiness? The dog is considered to a man’s best friend but to them are we their best friends? Research shows that humans are the more likely to endanger their dogs more than any thing else.  Just as human being dogs have emotions and can feel things. Here are some of the things that you unknowingly do that breaks your dog’s spirit;

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1.     Continuously yelling at your dog

This is one of the most common mistakes among dog owners that kill their dog’s spirit and they do not even realize it. Take a minute and imagine if you were a kid and your parent constantly yells at you for every single mistake you did. You would probably hate home or fear your parent! That is the same case with dogs that have not been given any training. The dog will lose morale because it does not know why you are angry at them. This will disintegrate your dog’s emotional status and also jeopardize your relationship. You should train your dog the desirable behavior using various channels rather than yelling. As a matter of fact, your dog learns nothing but fear from all the yelling.

 Unwittingly Break Your Shih Tzus’s Spirit


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