Top 10 Tricks Kids Can Teach Shih Tzus

Even though Shih Tzu dogs are extremely friendly and active, they are a bit stubborn as well. Therefore, training a Shih Tzu requires time and long term dedication. Here is a list of some effective tricks that you can teach your kids, so that they can train Shih Tzus in an effective manner.

1. The name

One of the best methods available for the kids to teach the name of the dog is to tell it every time they greet the dog. Repeating this for several times can let your dog know about its name.

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2.Sit down

This can be considered as the first lesson in training any dog breed. In order to make the dog sit down, you can let your child hold a small treat just above the nose of the dog. Then you can ask the child to press it down on the rump of the dog in a gentle manner while saying the word “sit”.


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