Tips to Giving Your Shih Tzu Dog a Happy Grooming Experience

Shih tzus are not only known for their affection and elegance but also for their long and soft coat. To maintain its softness and shine, pet owners take their dogs for grooming. While you can buy a dog comb from the pet store and brush your shih tzu’s coat, a trip to the dog grooming salon is important to ensure the ears are cleaned and the coat is trimmed properly. However, being handled by a stranger and the sound of the razor can be stressful to your dog. Here are some tips to make your dog’s grooming experience a happy one:

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  1. Choose the groomer carefully.

Do not take your shih tzu to just any grooming salon just because it is near your place or its services are cheaper. It’s important to evaluate the groomer first before leaving your dog in his or her care. Go for one who is a dog lover as well. You can easily spot this by the way he or she treats and handles your pet, say, while trimming the nails or cleaning the ears. As a pet owner, you can sense if the other person loves animals and you can use your instincts to do this. The salon should also be clean and have a pleasant smell. You can also ask for recommendations from people you know which also have dogs.


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