Ten Ways to Improve the Behavior of Your Shih Tzu

If your dog is getting out of control, there may be a number of reasons that account for their behavior. For the most part, dogs are bred to interact with people which means without that structure in their lives they can become bored, irritated, and even violent. If you dog is getting out of control, here are ten methods for getting them back into shape.

1.Be Consistent

Easily the most important rule is that everyone in the household understands what is expected from the dog in terms of their behavior so that they follow the same rules. This is important because quite often a dog’s behavior does not change because at least one member of the household is not following the rules.

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2.Be Positive

The key to changing behavior is to reinforce good behavior with treats and positive words. The more you are positive and reinforce good behavior with rewards, the more likely your dog is to behave better.


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