Teaching the Right Words That Your Shih Tzu Puppy Can Easily Follow

Training your Shih Tzu puppy dog some new tricks might just be part of the job if you want your dog to be a reliable companion. Take note that an educated dog is most likely a thinking dog. So, he or she should be able to pay close attention to you after basic training.

Once the dog can learn about the basic commands, it is possible that he or she can piece together words into complex actions. However, you need to teach your puppy the best words and best of all you have to know how to do it. Here are some basic words or commands that your pups can easily follow.

The “Come” Command

One of the most essential words or commands that a dog can learn in the early years is the come command. This is basically important for untrained dogs for safety. This is useful once he or she breaks from the leash and runs free outside the house. This command will be able to save your dog from accidentally running under the car or any other dangers that await untrained dogs.

The “Down” Command

The down command is an indicator to check his or her manners. If your dog has the enthusiasm to obey as they are told, then it only indicates that they are on a particular state of mind. For instance, if the dog responds positively on your command, it is a sign of obedience.

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The “Sit” Command

This is commonly a well-known command that exists between the owner and the dog. Aside from the ease of use, this command can also be used to stay in control with the dog for the day. Additionally, this can be useful particularly when keeping your dog away from trouble, calming him or her down when visitors arrive, and simply just taking care of your dog.

Positive Impact of Teaching Dogs Some Words

If a dog is able to know the meaning of your words, then they are basically the happiest, most confident, and the smartest dogs. If dogs know many words, it means that they fully understand the expectations towards them. For this reason, they will eventually know what to do and not to do.

Importance of Having a Trusted Leader

It is important to note that dogs love security of determining what to do and not to do. Therefore, the one who teaches them such things is one they consider a trusted leader. Thus, they learn to look up to that person, believe on this person, and trust on the person who is doing anything with them. Of course, it should always be important to be that person whom you need to train your dog.

You might have already heard about training schools for dogs, promising you to train and establish obedience before returning them to you. Well, this might not be advisable, unless your dog has an aggression problem that will require expert treatment and evaluation.

Nobody else is expected to do it except yourself. Thus, each member of the family must earn the trust and respect of your dog whenever possible.

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