4 Ways To Teach Your Dog To Respect You

Shih Tzus belong to one of the most endearing and popular dog breeds and have been loved for so many years because of their traits. They are not only great companions but also, they are loyal to their owners and affectionate as well. However, smart and gentle they might be, shih tzus have the temperament, too. They can also be stubborn and will try to manipulate you with their charm. Not that it’s a bad thing but like children, they need to learn discipline at an early age and be guided accordingly so they will know how to respect you.

Does your shih tzu bark incessantly when he or she wants something? Have you experienced getting home one day and finding your dog chewing you slippers? These types of behavior can be frustrating and tiring as well since you have to clean up the house. Your dog needs to know that you are the one in charge. You have to act as the owner of your dog and not vice versa.

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Find it a tad challenging for you? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to teach your shih tzu to behave and be the lovable pet you want him or her to be:



1.Teach your Shih tzu basic tricks.

It is important to teach your pet basic commands like stand, stay, sit and bark. Basically, shih tzus are easy to train because they are smart dogs. If you succeed in teaching your furry friend simple commands, it will be easier for you to train your dog to follow you.

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