7 Signs Your Shih Tzu Needs Medical Attention

There are instances where you will notice your beloved dog has loose or watery stool. This can have several trigger factors like exposure to too much heat or gastrointestinal upset. While not all diarrhea cases require going to the veterinarian, it is wise and important to know when this condition calls for immediate treatment and a trip to the pet clinic.

Here are some of the telltale signs the diarrhea of your Shih Tzu needs medical attention:

1.Black Stools

If your Shih Tzu’ diarrhea is black and not the usual color, it might be that he has internal bleeding that led to the black feces. When this is the case, it is best to immediately take him to the veterinarian so he can have a stool exam and have other tests done on him to ensure he is given the proper medical attention.

2.Diarrhea with Lethargy and Loss of Appetite

Although diarrhea can be a reaction from change of diet and your dog can still be lively and playful despite his condition, loose stools accompanied with lethargy and loss of appetite is not a good sign and does need treatment. If your dog refuses to eat and is lethargic, these are already reasons to have him checked by the vet. And if he suffers from diarrhea as well, take him to the dog clinic as soon as possible.

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3.Diarrhea Exceeding 48 Hours

If your Shih Tzu has been having loose stools for two days and refuses to drink water, this is an indication that he needs to be taken to the dog clinic and treated. Diarrhea that is ongoing for more than 48 hours will dehydrate him. The immediate treatment for this is rehydration which only a veterinarian can provide. Dehydration can put your dog in danger and not treating it can worsen his condition.

4.Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting, along with diarrhea and fever can be a sign of parvovirus infection. This happens especially in young dogs that have not been given immunizations yet. Your Shih Tzu can suffer from this condition especially if you have recently bought him from a kennel and you are not sure if the right vaccinations have already been given. This is why it is not advisable to buy dogs from puppy farms and breeders that you are not familiar with.


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