Should You Have Your Female Shih Tzu Spayed?

Shih Tzus are popular pets of choice among dog lovers. They are sweet, regal and loyal members of the family. Especially if your female shih tzu gives birth to little cuddly puppies, it is just priceless. However, there has been a long debate about spaying or neutering dogs. While some animal advocates say that doing so is healthy for the dogs, there are also people who are opposed to this practice. The truth is, there are pros and cons to having this procedure done to your female shih tzu or any dog, for that matter. Just like any parent, the idea of their child going under the knife can be scary and for some pet lovers, their dogs are their children.

Lets us look at the advantages and disadvantages of spaying your female shih tzu:


It prevents uterus infection.

There is a condition known as pyometra that can occur in one out of four dogs in which the uterus will get inflammation and swelling due to toxic pus. This fatal infection is usually rampant among older female dogs that have been pregnant numerous times. To cure this disease, the dog should be spayed. By having this procedure done early in life, this condition will be prevented.

It is practical and less expensive.

While having your dog spayed can cost money, it is less expensive than taking in all the responsibilities of being a dog owner. Imagine if your dog gives birth to a litter of six and multiply this by the number of pregnancies your shih tzu will have in her lifetime. Apart from the vaccinations, vet visits and grooming, feeding them, taking them to walks and cleaning after them require time and effort. If you only have one or two dogs in the house, being a responsible pet owner is easier.

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It has consequences.

Since spaying is a procedure that removes the reproductive system, your shih tzu will not be able to produce reproductive hormones which can affect the endocrine system. As a result, your dog’s thyroid levels will be reduced and can lead to lethargy and weight gain. For your dog to remain healthy, she might need thyroid supplements. Also, if the procedure is done at a very early age, it can weaken the bladder muscles and lead to urinary incontinence. This is why it is best to perform the surgery at the right age.  


It can lead to obesity.

After the surgery, the metabolism of your pet will be affected and it will be slower. Having said that, dog owners who plan to have their dogs spayed should lessen the amount of food they give to their female dogs after the procedure. If not, dogs will be overweight and will be prone to weight-related diseases, such as, arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis and heart disease. To prevent this, your furry friend needs to have plenty of exercise. However, shih tzus have narrow air passages and it is not recommended for them to exercise too much.

Before you have your beloved shih tzu spayed, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of doing so. And being the responsible dog owner you are, you know that whatever decision you make will be the best for you and your dog.

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