Shih Tzu Bumblebee Doing Many Tricks

Training a Shih Tzu takes time and effort and a whole lot of patience. Although they are not difficult to train, they can be quite stubborn. As such, training them will be a test of patience on your part. One good thing about this breed though is their agility which is great when you want to teach them how to follow commands and eventually learn some tricks. Given the imperial background of Shih Tzus, expect them to be confident but also have an air of self-importance about them.

Getting your Shih Tzu trained from the day you bring them home is essential in them growing up to be not obnoxious. They tend to do bark or chew a lot along with other behaviors that are undesirable when they are bored. To avoid all sorts of bad behavior, train them and make sure they are socialized. Otherwise, you’ll have one really temperamental dog to deal with for the rest of its life.

To demonstrate the importance of training a puppy at a very young age is Bumble Bee. There’s a video up on YouTube of this adorable dog at four months of age doing A LOT of tricks. And yes, you read that right: four months old.

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The lady with Bumble Bee in the video uses a clicker, which can be used as part of dog training. The video opens with the woman asking Bumble Bee to sit and the dog obliges. She then asks him to bid farewell through the command “bye bye” and the cute little pup raises his paw to signal goodbye. Bumble Bee is then asked to “touch” her hand which he does and since he had to do a bit of walking to do so, she politely asks him to “back up.”

Once at a certain location, the lady asks Bumble Bee to “stay” then commands him to go “down.” She moves a little further away and asks him to “crawl” which he does so adorably.

The video progresses to tricks that are somewhat complex. After asking Bumble Bee to “stand up,” the lady tells him to “weave” through her legs – and they do this a couple of times. After that, she asks the dog to “jump” through the hoop she formed using her arms.

She proceeds to ask Bumble Bee to touch her then asks him to “roll over.” This is the part where the dog didn’t react straight away but made a cute bark before agreeing to the request.

Bumble Bee also knows how to play dead through the words “bang bang” and he also knows how to do the “high five” as well as “shake” hands, “turn” and “twist.”

Even more impressive is the fact that Bumble Bee can “speak.” Just kidding – it’s actually just an adorable bark.

See the video in its entirety and be amazed. You can also see more of Bumble Bee through his Facebook page.

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