How to Find the Right Dog Breeder that Fits your Needs

Bringing a Shih tzu home and making your new pet a part of the family can be one of the most rewarding things in life. They are affectionate, gentle, loyal and simply adorable. However, if you are buying your shih tzu dog from a breeder, it’s utterly important to find the right dog breeder. This can be a daunting task especially if this is your first time to own a dog. Before you become disheartened though, there are ways to end up with a good Shih tzu breeder. Let these tips make the search easier for you;

Learn more about the breeder.

There is a plethora of Shih tzu breeders out there and this can make your decision-making more challenging. What you need to is to talk to the breeder personally so you can also ask questions about the puppies and see the how well that mother dog and the puppies are taken care of. A good breeder should know about shih tzus and be willing to answer your `questions and inform you of the details about the puppies like the lineage of the parents.

He or she should be able to show you the immunization records of the mother dog and the pups as well. By visiting the kennel, you will be able to tell if the breeder is running a puppy mill or is really passionate about dogs. Also, do not be uncomfortable if the breeder asks you questions about what you plan to do with the puppy or what kind of home you will bring the puppy to. This just shows that your breeder care about these animals and does not breed dogs for financial gain.

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Look for a list of breeders.

You can also ask from the local shih tzu kennel club in your area for breeders to consider. Member breeders are professional and serious members of the pack, so to speak. If they take time to join a kennel club and comply with the regulations and requirements, this only goes to show that they can be reliable and are responsible breeders.

Ask for referrals.

If you have friends or family members who have shih tzus, you can ask them if they know a reputable and trustworthy breeder. Also, if someone you know has a shih tzu who recently gave birth to puppies, you might also want to inquire if they plan to sell or put the puppies for adoption. Veterinarians are also reliable people to ask. They can recommend potential breeders to you. At times, veterinarians have puppies of their own looking for homes. All you need is to ask.

Attend dog shows.

Breeders also join dog shows to showcase their dogs and also to win. The more awards a dog has, the more valuable the dog becomes. While breeders have dogs from a line of champions, buying from them can be more expensive. If you have the money to pay more, you might want to consider buying from these types of breeders because you are guaranteed that they breed champion dogs and they take care of the dogs they are breeding.

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