Make the Season to Be Jolly, Jolly for You and Your Shih Tzu

Did someone give you a Shih Tzu this Christmas, or you gave one of the family members with one?

While it is great to have a pet as a gift, it may not be a great idea to introduce them to a household during the holiday season, particularly Christmas morning. There are many things going on, and it’s easy to overlook your new pet. With the likelihood of them becoming overexcited with all the chaos, trouble could be brewing as well.

If keeping them away is not an option, keep them safe instead.

Get your puppy microchipped

This should be the first order of the day. In case your pet wanders off, you would be able to locate them without much struggle. With all the excitement going on, it is best to prepare for such an eventuality.

Warn everyone not to feed your pet with table scraps

Do your guests know which food items are toxic to your pet? If you’re unsure, make sure no one feeds them any scraps from the table, especially chocolate, raisins and macadamia nuts. Turkey and other rich foods can cause diarrhea as well.

Place them someplace safe

Since you can’t keep an eye on everyone and your pet, you should put your dog in another room, far from people who might feed them table scraps. This is also one way to ensure they don’t end up jumping on people, resulting in disasters and injuries. Place your puppy in a crate and in a room with the door closed.

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Pet-proof your home

With all the holiday rush and excitement, taking time to pet-proof your home may be impossible. But this is something you must do, if your Shih Tzu is to survive Christmas and spend the next one and the next.

  • Set up an exercise pen around the Christmas tree, complete with dog-safe ornaments. What better way to keep your pet safe and enjoying the festivities at the same time?
  • Cover electrical wires or keep them out of sight. Frayed wires are dangerous to your pet. The same is true if they take a liking for electrical wires and start chewing them.
  • Keep wrapped packages, tinsel, glass, scented candles and anything else that can be deadly for your Shih Tzu when chewed or ingested.

Feed and exercise them on schedule

Regardless of how busy you are preparing for Christmas dinner, always remember to feed your dog and take them to outings as scheduled. Their water bowl or bottle should be filled with water at all times as well. Sticking to their scheduled feeding and outing will reduce their stress level, helping them stay out of trouble.

Keep an eye out on their stress levels

Does your dog seem agitated or stressed? Give them a quiet time to enjoy, or take them out for a walk. The more relaxed they are, the less likely they will get into trouble or become bothersome.

Follow the steps above and the first holiday season spent with your pet should be safe and jolly.


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