Knowing the Best Food Suited for Your Pet

It is very important to know the best food suited for your Shih Tzu. The health of your pets depend greatly on the type of diet they are getting. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that they get the best food recommended for their daily needs.

Recommended Meats and Animal Products

  • Fresh Chicken. You should give your pets some chicken meat, as it is a good source of protein with a balance of amino acid in them. It is termed as fresh because this is used when the percentage given for the meat quantity before processing when weighed in wet form.
  • Dried Chicken or Chicken Meal. This is similar to the fresh chicken, but without the water. This will give a better guide to the actual quantity of the product. This is also the dried, clean rendered chicken flesh without the water and fat.
  • Duck Meat. It is a good source of protein. At the same time, it will be easier for dogs to digest and it scores well in taste tests. Aside from being a good source of Vitamin A, it is also a good source of B3 and other minerals.
  • Fish. Another good source of high quality protein is fish, aside from being highly palatable. Likewise, it is a good source of omega 3 and omega 6, consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA, which helps in better brain function.
  • Lamb. Another source of good protein is lamb, which is also a good source of zinc and rich in calcium. Basically, lamb meal is being used in many hypoallergenic dog foods.

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Grains, Supplements, Vegetables and Additives

  • Oats. One versatile ingredient used as fiber source is in oat meals. For dogs, this provides a good source of energy.
  • Pea Flour. This type of food is a powder milled from roasted peas. In small amounts, this food is rich in calcium and iron, as well as high content of fiber and protein. In some cases, these foods are used in large quantities being a protein source. However, meat protein is a lot easier to digest.
  • Potato. One of the high source of quality carbohydrates is potato. This is frequently used as an alternative to rice, which is therefore a good ingredient for dogs with intolerance to rice. However, the starchiness of potato might not make it suitable for diabetics.
  • Rice. Of all grains available for dog consumption, rice is known to be the most digestible. It is also known to be low in the risk of allergy, which is found in many hypoallergenic foods for pets. Basically, rice is rich in B vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

  • Tocopherols. These nutrients are also known as Vitamin E. These are naturally antioxidants used as pet food preservatives. These are often made oils from edible vegetables. Using tocopherols is a good indication of a better food ingredient for dogs.

There are some foods or ingredients not suitable in dog food or diet, particularly Shih Tzu. Such would include animal fat, meat and animal derivatives, cereals, propylene glycol, soy, and wheat.



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