Is Your Shih Tzu Keeping You Awake?

When Your Dog Cannot Sleep at Night

There are few things as annoying to dog owners as having to hear your dog barking or being restless at night when you are trying to sleep. Not only is this bad for your demeanor, but it also can cause additional stress and even insomnia in the anticipation of not getting any restful sleep the next night.

One reason for many dogs to bark or stay awake at night is that they are feeling separation anxiety. This happens with puppies who are separated from their mothers, but it continues when they get attached to their human family and have to sleep in another location.

The solution is a rather simple one, pull the dog’s bed into your bedroom so they can be near you. Dogs that are in the same room as their owners tend to be much better behaved, but you probably do not want them in the bed with you unless that is something you want. Otherwise, keeping the dog on the floor near the bed should suffice.

However, what if the dog wants to get in the bed and be next to you. This often happens with couples where they show each other affection and the dog wants to be a part of it as well. This is a more difficult situation, but one that has a remarkably simple solution.

You’ll want to crate train your dog to sleep on the floor. Crate training is an excellent way for a dog to learn not to relieve themselves inside your home. But it can also be used to teach them to sleep on the floor and on your bed.

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However, what if that does not work?

Perhaps your dog is simply restless because they are bored which is a common trait for pooches that live inside the home. The solution is another simple approach, get another dog. Each dog will take care of the other by providing them with the attention they need. This really helps dogs that live alone in the house for long periods of time.

While having another dog in the home means buying more food, it also means your dog will have a companion that they can rely on when you are not there.

If another dog is not a practical solution in your life, then try to exercise the dog when you get home so that he or she will be good and tired. Taking the dog out for a walk or to the park where they can run around will help them release the excess energy and have them worn out so they will rest more comfortably. Plus, you will get the exercise you need to stay in shape.

If your dog is still not winding down and unable to sleep at night, call your vet to see if there is something that can be done to help them sleep when you do. A little advice from your trusted vet can go a long way towards everyone getting more sleep in the home.


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