Help ! Why is My Shih Tzu Shaking?

Why is My Dog Shaking?

There are many reasons why your dog is shaking and it might not be just because the animal is cold. Here are several reasons why a dog may shake and tremble that you need to be aware of.

Temperature Control

To create body heat, the dog may shake. This is a normal result of decreasing body temperature. If the dog has a fever, the animal may shake as the temperature begins to drop back down to a more normal level.

Fear, Excitement or Anxiety

A dog make shake if they are exited, have anxiety, or fear. For example, some dogs will shake in fear if they hear very loud noises. Medication can be used in these instances to help your dog.


A dog may tremble if they are in pain. This may happen if they have a chronic or acute condition or if they are injured. Not every dog will tremble if injured, it’s just one of the symptoms which accompanies pain.


Some dog diseases will cause the animal to shake such as kidney failure, muscle diseases, and numerological diseases. If your dog shakes for no reasons, make sure you see a vet to make sure the animal hasn’t come down with a medical condition which is causing the shaking to occur.

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Some toxins will cause a dog to shake as they cause neurological disorders in the dog. Some toxins include antifreeze, chocolate, and snail bait. If your dog shales after being exposed to a toxin, see the vet right away.

Weakness in the Muscles

Some dogs will shale if their muscles are weak. This is usually seen in the hind leg area. Age related muscle weakness can cause this in older animals.

Smaller Dogs

Some smaller dogs will just tremble for no reason. It appears this is just a part of their normal life. A very small dog may tremble from time to time

Seek Medical Advice if Your Dog Trembles

If your dog shakes and this is out of character for your pet, see a vet. The vet can determine if the animal has any sort of issue which needs to be resolved. It may be something in the dog’s environment that is causing the trembling or another issue.  Take the dog’s temperature first to see if there’s an issue. A normal range is 100-102 degrees. If the temperature is high, take the dog to a vet.  . Check for symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, trouble breathing and other medical issues. Your vet will work with you to determine the cause and ease any suffering the dog is experiencing.. There may not be anything wrong with your dog, but having your Shih Tzu checked if you have any concerns is the right thing to do.




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