Heart Trouble in Dogs: These Are the Signs to Look Out For

Causes of Heart Problems in Dogs

  • Poor diet. You need to watch what your dog eats. Make sure they don’t constantly eat food that s high in fat as this can lead to heart trouble.
  • Exercise. While you do need to exercise your dog, it’s best to stick to the minimum amount required. Too much physical activity will strain their heart which can lead to problems.
  • Breed. There are certain dog breeds more prone to developing heart conditions, and these include the Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane and Rottweiler.
  • Old age. It’s sad but dogs get weaker as they grow older. Also, with aging comes the arrival of certain health issues.

Tips for Better Heart Health for Your Dog

  • Regular exercise. While certain breeds require more exercise than others, it’s good practice to walk your dog at least twice a day.
  • Proper diet. Don’t overfeed your dog and limit the fat in their diet. This together with regular exercise will keep them healthy.
  • Observe. Keep watch of the common causes of heart problems in dogs listed above.
  • Regular checkup. Visiting the vet regularly allows you to know if there are any problems with your dog. Also, bring them immediately when they show any of the signs of heart trouble.

A heart problem in dogs can be fatal. Knowing the signs of trouble, observing your dogs and maintaining their health are ways to avoid issues.

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