Heart Trouble in Dogs: These Are the Signs to Look Out For

Dogs too can suffer from heart problems and will die from it when the condition becomes too serious. But just like humans, there are ways to avoid troubles with the heart from ever manifesting itself: it all starts with knowing the signs of heart issues and keeping a close watch on your dog’s health.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Dogs

  • Coughing. Dogs may cough on occasion but fits that happen while exercising or right after is a cause of concern. Look out for coughing about an hour or two before bedtime as well as this can point to something serious.
  • Heavy breathing. Changes in breathing can be related to a heart condition so take notice of this. Observe them when closely when they are doing their normal routine and when they are exercising.
  • Increased heart rate. This is observed more clearly when you lay your hand on the chest of your dog. Keep a close watch on this during play time or whenever they are near you.


  • Gums and tongue that is bluish-gray. A lack of oxygen flow causes this to happen.
  • Fainting. Your dog can faint when they become too excited. Although this is an episode they will recover from, it’s still advisable to take them to the vet to see whether it was serious or not.
  • Fatigue. When you walk your dog and notice they stop every so often, this means they are tiring more easily. Poor exercise tolerance can be caused by the heart muscle going weak.
  • Swollen belly. Fluid buildup in the organs, including the lungs, causes this to happen.

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