A Guide to Grooming with Dog Clippers

How much have you spent on professional care for your dog? Or have you spent any at all? Whichever the case, do you know that trimming your four-legged friend’s fur yourself saves you a lot of time and money?

It’s understandable to want people with dog grooming experience to do the job, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to do so yourself. In fact, it’s not that difficult to do. Here’s a guide to make the process flow as smoothly as possible:

Bathe and brush your dog first

Brushing your pooch’s fur before cutting eliminates tangles and clumps of hair – two problems that make grooming difficult. Bathing also rids of other elements that hinder the smooth flow of grooming.

Have the right tools nearby

You will need a trimmer, a comb and a slicker brush. Dogs react differently to loud noises with some being visibly distressed by it. So if this describes your dog, make sure to get clippers that make as little noise as possible. Even better, get one that is cordless just to eliminate distractions.

Trim in the direction of hair growth

This method is the best for smooth results. Harsh lines result from clipping against hair growth.

It’s also important to not pull hair when trimming your pet’s fur. Going slow will also ensure a smooth finish.

Start shaving from the neck down to the back leg

To make everything run smoothly, make sure to hold them to prevent sudden movement. Start shaving from the neck and work your way down to the back legs.

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Use the right blade

Shih Tzus are a long-haired breed and thus requires regular grooming. The kind of blade you use will have a different effect on the dog. You can use a clipper with both hard ceramic and stainless steel blades meant for dogs with fine to medium coats.

Know the look of your breed

While you can surely be creative with your trimming, it’s nice if your dog still retains the Shih Tzu look. You can visit the club website of the breed to know exactly how your pooch should look like. As an added bonus, club websites also provide grooming tips.

Ensure that clippers remain cool

Allowing dog clippers to get too hot will burn your dog. So as you trim, take short breaks to make sure they remain cool throughout the grooming process. In case it remains hot to the touch even after a couple of minutes break, try spraying a coolant or put the blade on a baking sheet as metal absorbs heat quickly. Or, you can use another clipper if you have more than one.

Start the grooming process as early as possible

Getting your dog started as early as possible makes them used to the process. In short, it’s best to start the grooming process at the puppy stage. Doing this ensures that they will be well behaved thus allowing you to minimize mistakes and prevent injuries.

With these tips in mind, it won’t take you long to groom your beloved pooch.

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