5 Steps To Calm a Hyper Shih Tzu

A hyper or overly excited dog can be a real handful when you are trying to get them to the vet or even interacting with them on a regular basis. In order to turn this around, you will have to get at the source of the hyper activity by applying positive reinforcement to help adjust their behavior in the right way.

By taking a little time each day, you can turn your hyper dog into a calmer, more manageable dog that will not only improve your state of being, but the dog’s as well.

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1.Release the Energy

If your dog is hyper-energized, then take the dog out for a walk where they can release it. A good, long walk at a brisk pace will use up a lot of energy that is good for you and them. Dogs that are tired are less likely to jump, nip, or behave in ways that are unacceptable. With the energy gone, they will revert to normal dogs at least for a while.

Hyper Dog


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