What Are the Best Toys for Your Shih Tzu?

How do you choose a toy for your dog? Do you buy it based on how cute it looks? Or do you think about how entertained your pooch will be with it? A study published in Animal Cognition looked at how dogs decide what toys they like. The research found that dogs…

  • like toys that taste like food, can be torn apart and make a noise
  • like toys that are soft and can be chewed on
  • like new toys because they tend to lose interest
  • like it when their humans take part in play time

All those said, what are the best toys for furry friends?

shih tzu toy


Toys that make unusual sounds

The Animal Cognition study mentioned dogs liking toys that make a noise. There are lots of toys available of this nature like the long neck screaming chicken, which looks and does exactly what its name says. These kinds of toys also come in different shapes and sizes which is a good thing because you can easily replace the one your canine pal has lost interest in; it still makes some noise but at least it is new.

Toys that make unusual sounds aren’t just limited to those that squeak. It could also include those that have sound cards.

Toys that make unusual movements

Toys that belong to this category include those that can bounce on their own, have parts that dangle or is composed of different textures. While a giant tennis ball won’t exactly make an unusual movement, it does bounce on its own after you let it go. This kind of toy also needs your participation which your pooch will surely like. The auto-rolling weasel ball, on the other hand, rolls on its own and features a dangling part which attracts your dog and keeps them occupied.

best shih tzu toys

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Toys that have contents

The content being referred to in this sense is dog treats. Luckily, there are many of these kinds of toys available like the food ball which isn’t just entertaining but mentally stimulating as well. This makes your dog work before being handed a treat. Your four-legged companion will surely be entertained for long and thus won’t be as quickly bored compared to other toys.

food ball for shih tzu

Toys that involve human participation

Dogs are social animals so they like it when their human companions spend time with them. Toss and fetch is one of the simplest games you can play with your pooch and toys like a cartoon Frisbee fulfill not only the gaming aspect but it makes a good chew toy as well. The knot rope toy is also a wonderful chew toy and one that you can use to play tug of war with your dog.

Toys aren’t just a dog’s play thing; they are also helpful for mental stimulation. The good thing is that there are lots of these toys available right now, so it’s basically down to choice for owners. Lastly, dogs need attention from their humans apart from the daily walks and belly rubs and using toys to play with them helps keep them happy.

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