Behavior Problems of Shih Tzus and How to Solve Them

Shih Tzu dogs or any other dog have behavior problems. Although not all are bad behaviors, most of them just annoy, exasperate, and frustrate their owners. Dog owners who have been with dogs for quite some time already should be able to identify some behavioral problems in dogs.

Basically, some of these behaviors can be traced back to normal canine behavior and genetics. While others are caused by environmental factors, some are caused by poor socialization, including trauma or owner behaviors.

The average dog owner may recognize the problem, but they may not know where the problem originated or how they can help their pets to overcome if not eliminate the problem. Many dog owners find this uncontrollable as they have misunderstood and mishandled the behavior of their dogs.


Shih Tzu Dog Behaviors

It is important to note that almost all dogs howl, bark, and whine at some point. Shih Tzu dogs, for that matter, may be one of those that are less yappy, but sometimes there are exceptions.

Excessive Barking

This sort of behavior in dogs is a problem of behavior that can be disruptive and annoying. If you want to correct this behavior, you must first determine why the dog is doing this in the first place. Common types of barking include playfulness, anxiety, boredom, warning or alerting, attention seeking, and responding to other dogs.

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Chewing Behavior

For dogs, chewing is a natural action, because it is just how dogs are. But chewing can become a problem if your dog simply chews things that are not meant to be chewed, including furniture, shoes, and electrical wires, among others. You will not be able to eliminate chewing in dogs, but you can teach them appropriate chewing by keeping them busy with some toys around them.

Puppy Mouthing

Having your hand as a toy might be a cute behavior for eight-week old pups as they will not be painful, particularly if you are an adult. You can teach them how to avoid this from being a major problem. Such would include having a soft toy around that he or she can chew instead of your hand. Likewise, you can make a soft sound indicating that you are hurt due to your pet’s mouthing, as it can tell your puppy that it’s not okay to do that.


Digging Behavior

Part of the instincts of dogs is digging to some extent. Many dogs, such as Terriers, are prone to digging behavior because of their hunting histories. In fact, some were bred to dig. For Shih Tzu dogs, they are also prone to such behavior when given opportunity to do so, particularly puppies. Some dogs do this for some other reasons, which include boredom or some excess energy, hunting instinct, hiding bones or toys, curiosity, and comfort-seeking.

Dogs have several behaviors that you might want to categorize as positive or problematic. If you consider this a bad thing, then you should know how to deal with it early on before it will become a burden on your part or others.


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