Are GPS Trackers for Shih Tzus a Good Idea?

Tracking devices are nothing new as they have been used for many years. From those that track sleep patterns, activity levels and even moods, there are GPS trackers that tell people their location as well as their loved ones. So, it’s not surprising that many people believe that GPS trackers for their pets is a good idea.

GPS trackers seem like a good alternative or perhaps addition to microchips because that technology is only useful when directly scanned. A GPS tracker will pinpoint the location of your dog in real time which can be quite valuable. However, is getting such a tracker really worth it for your pet?

Useful Tracking Systems

There are a number of different tracking systems that may actually be better for your pet that the GPS. This will depend on a number of factors, but in general you should consider all the options before deciding which is best for your dog.

Location: For the most part, getting a GPS tracker that locates your dog is fairly easy to do. There are a number of different models that you can choose from which will automatically locate your dog if they should escape from the yard or home.

Keep in mind that many brands are subscription services which will require a monthly or yearly fee for activation. However, there are a few that have just a one-time payment and syncs up with the collar or tag so you wouldn’t need it until your dog gets lost.

Plus, there are trackers that come with a beeper and a light so that it’s much easier to locate them at night.

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Activity: For those who want to know if their dog is resting, playing, or chewing on a meaty bone, there are activity trackers just for that purpose. You can even link this type of tracker to others to see how your dog’s overall fitness compares to others.

Of course, you can choose a GPS tracker that offers all of these functions so that you can not only keep track of your dog, but also their activities. There are brands that offer this all-in-one approach, but keep in mind that they are also the most expensive. Health goals can be set by keeping track of their daily activities and sleep habits. You can even track your dog’s activity levels over the course of their lifetime and make adjustments as they age.

If you find this important to you, then getting a tracker with corresponding app is the right solution. However, if you are not that concerned with the daily activities of your dog, then a simple tracking system may be the best solution. This is especially true if your dog is one that loves to get out and roam around. You will save some money and for the occasional escapes getting a tracker with a one-time fee may be the most economical choice. Of course, you will need to take all of this into account before making your decision.

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