9 Things Human Do that Stress out Shih Tzus

It would be wonderful to have a Shih Tzu as your family companion. Unfortunately, some of the Shih Tzu owners stress out their dogs due to lack of knowledge. Here are 9 reasons that humans mistakenly do in order to stress out their Shih Tzus.

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1.Getting frustrated when the Shih Tzu acts like a dog – Shih Tzus are dogs and they bark, sniff, chew, dig and steal table scraps. Therefore, you shouldn’t be annoyed when they start acting as dogs.

2.Having inconsistent boundaries – Shih Tzu dogs prefer consistency and comfort. If you let your Shih Tzu sleep on the couch for one week and blame the dog for doing it in the next week, you would stress out the dog. Therefore, you need to be consistent when dealing with your Shih Tzu.


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