7 Natural Flea Remedies for Shih Tzus

Do you have a  dog and you see them dealing with scratches all day long? Then you have to take action! However, purchasing the chemical based collars might not be the right investment so with that in mind here are some of the best natural remedies that you can use against fleas!

1.The natural flea collars

Instead of the chemical based collars, you can focus on using natural ones. You can create such a collar on your own and the way you create that is by getting a cotton or nylon collar. Then you will have to combine a teaspoon of unflavored vodka with a drop of cedarwood essential oil on it if you want the collar for a cat. For dogs you will need to combine the unflavored vodka with a drop of rosemary essential oil, garlic oil and a drop of thyme essential oil. Try to add these directly on the nylon/cotton collar!

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Source: seattletimes

Source: seattletimes

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