4 Simple Ways to Deal with Shih Tzu Jealousy

A Shih Tzu is generally affectionate, happy and loving, but they tend to be jealous too. Whether with kids or other pets, a Shih Tzu can turn into a green-eyed monster, unless you do something to ensure jealousy doesn’t rear its ugly head in your household.

1.Set a clear distinction as to who is the Alpha Dog

The reality is that a Shih Tzu needs to know who the alpha dog in the house is, and they won’t have a problem showing respect. Dogs have a natural instinct that says everyone in the “pack” has a role to play – a dominant leader and subordinates. A Shih Tzu is no different. And until they get a clear idea of who’s the leader of the pack, they will assume it’s them.

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From day one, it is important that a Shih Tzu knows their human family is the alpha dog. This way, they won’t be jealous with the arrival of a new baby or with the addition of a new member in the household.


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