4 Diseases You Can Get From Your Dogs

While we have known for a long time the positive impacts dogs have in our lives, studies have now proven this. Not only are dogs great with adults, they also have a cognitive, emotional and social influence on children. Dogs are even good at detecting oncoming epileptic seizures as well as the presence of certain cancers. But despite these benefits, dogs also carry germs that can make humans sick.

The instances of dog germs spreading to humans are rare, but when they do they cause different illnesses that range from minor skin infections to something more serious. These are the common ones:


There’s a good chance dogs that are infected with Campylobacter might not show any signs of illness. Often times, they might have diarrhea or a slight fever. Campylobacter can be gotten via contact with contaminated food and water or coming in contact with the stool of infected animals.

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Humans infected with campylobacteriosis experience abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea and fever within two to five days after being exposed to the organism. Campylobacter causes serious life-threatening infections in babies, older persons and those who have weakened immune systems.

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