3 Considerations for Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping so it makes sense that they have their own bed to rest comfortably in. While some owners allow their pets to share their bed, this isn’t the case for everyone else; this is where dog beds come in as a solution. But just like regular human beds, there are considerations to make to ensure the right one is picked. Since your four-legged companion cannot tell you exactly what they want, you can pick the right bed by considering the following:


Well, there’s not much to think of here given that Shih Tzus are small breeds. However, you’ll still have trouble when it comes to what kind of small bed you should buy. Should you go for one that looks like a regular dog bed or opt for something more playful and fancy like a shark bed?

While the final choice is totally up to you, it’s also best to consider the washing involved. It’s good sense to always wash your dog’s bed not just to keep it clean but also control odors and keep away fleas. The good thing about owning a Shih Tzu is that they don’t need large beds and most small ones fit into a front-load washer; they can even fit into the washers at your local laundry shop. But if you like hand washing your furry friend’s bed, a fleece mat is a good choice as it’s easy to clean.


A younger dog may not mind where they sleep that much, but you have to be more considerate when it comes to older pets. You can get a soft material bed to keep them comfortable.


Does your dog love playing outdoors then coming back inside? If so, they are better off with materials that are easy to clean like this complete washable bed set. Your habits can factor here as well. For instance, if you like to take your furry friend along when you travel, you can opt for a foldable dog house so you can easily put it away when your dog is not using it.

Shih Tzu bed

Sharing a bed

There is nothing wrong with wanting to share your bed with your beloved canine companion. However, it’s sensible to check they are always clean and free from fleas before they join you for a trip to dreamland. There are also other considerations involved concerning size and age. Shih Tzus are pretty small and they might need the assistance of steps to get to your bed (this also applies to other small breeds). The stairs are a good idea for older dogs too.

Some owners put dog beds on their bed so their pets aren’t in direct contact with the bedding. While this is a good idea, it works best for those with a bed with more than enough space to keep everyone comfortable.

Although some dogs are perfectly comfortable sleeping on the floor, there are some that need the protection of beds to keep them comfortable. Keep these considerations in mind when you want to purchase a bed for your beloved pet.

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