10 Biggest Mistakes Shih Tzu Owners Make

Shih Tzu’s may belong to the Toy Group of dogs but this doesn’t mean they should be treated the way we treat toys. What we must understand is that these are living creatures and they deserve to be treated the way we treat fellow humans. Affectionate, outgoing and playful, they make wonderful companions but if you desire to raise one that behaves well both in public and at home, there are certain mistakes you have to avoid.

1.Thinking their bad behavior is just a phase

There’s no such thing as a dog outgrowing a certain phase in their life, be it constantly yapping at you or frequently using one corner of the house to pee. Failure to correct this behavior means you’ll be stuck with a gloriously misbehaving pooch.

2.Assuming that training should be done at a certain age

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A puppy should be trained as soon as you bring them home. They are equipped to learn what they could and couldn’t do from a very young age. Leash training is one of the easiest you can start with.

3.Punishing them for house-breaking failures

Suppose your dog pooped somewhere they shouldn’t have. Do you immediately grab them, lead them to the spot then rub their nose in the mess they created? If you think that is discipline, you are very wrong. Doing this causes emotional harm which creates problems later on in their life.



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